Hi there Eyes, it’s Jeff from The Shadow Legion playing another great game!

Uncharted 4 is a continuation of one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. Uncharted. And once again, Nathan Drake is on the hunt for some ancient lost treasure.  This title however, comes several years after the first trilogy. It comes at a time where Nathan has retired from treasure hunting and has settled down with the lovely Elena Fisher whom he met and adventured with in the previous three installments. However, when his older, thought to be dead, brother shows up, Nathan must go off with him in order to save his life. Of course, as with any treasure hunt, they are not the only ones looking for it. And as usual, Nathan ends up doing most of the work while the others just follow in his footsteps, while trying to kill him. Can Nathan find the long list pirate sanctuary before his rival? We sure as hell did. Despite being lied to by our brother about his life being on the line. But that’s just how these games work.

Overall, I enjoyed this installment of the Uncharted series as much as the previous three. There’s a lot of diversity in the game play as far as, some shooting, puzzle solving, sneaking, and free running to traverse the levels. The story was very good and kept us guessing at what might happen next. There was a few times of showing some old stuff from the previous games which was kind of cool to see some of those accomplishments again. And though it was another treasure hunt, with another group of people trying to also get to it, the puzzles and the locations and stuff were very different from the first few games which made it a very enjoyable.

The whole Uncharted series is fantastic if you’re into adventure games that can be played as a just run and gun scenario, or if you wish to challenge sneaking and not getting caught. The mechanics are very simple and compliment the pace of the game very well. You can play the game several times and approach every situation in different ways for a completely new experience, instead of just being one way to fight this fight, or get through this area. I highly recommend this game, and the whole series.

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