All Eyes on me!!!

What’s up eyes it’s Tyler,

Giving you all all a little insight on my life and my love of gaming!

It all started from the first time I can remember holding a controller… It was never plugged in, but I still beat those Mario levels! So if you couldn’t tell from that sentence, I am the younger brother from my family and so I always “gamed” with my brother when I was super young. Once I found out that I needed to have the controller plugged in though my conquest of gaming started! I was quickly addicted to all of the games that I owned on the NES, SNES, and Genesis. I remember spending almost every weekend being yelled at by my mom to “get off those games and go outside.” Well mom, I’m hoping to spend a lot more time indoors now with my “Gamebox’s” now that Jeff, Jeremy, and I have started this company.

As for my style of gameplay it varies quite a bit. I love any game that has a great story line. I’m a huge consumer of RPGs and J-RPGs. I’ll spend the 80 hours necessary in those games to complete every bit of story and feel immersed into the game. After those I really do love platformers, they just feel so nostalgic to play, like I’m back playing on the NES or SNES. In the last few years I’ve really gotten into playing challenging games like Dark Souls and Bloodbourne. Along with those I’ve also recently started entertaining MOBAs (mostly League of Legends) where I love the challenge of going against other players and getting to see the different play-styles people bring when playing games. Other than video games I really love to spend my time with my dog and girlfriend while either working out or watching anything good on Netflix or Prime.

Anyways enough drowning on and on about myself and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us!

Keep your eyes open O.O


P.S. if you feel the need to please help correct my grammar feel free to do so… I know its awful D:

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