Hello Eyes, it’s Jeremy from The Shadow Legion here to tell you all about our versus series, TJLH.  This show pits Tyler, team TJL, vs Jeremy, team JLH!!  Jeff is our referee and actually the one that came up with the name for the series using Tyler’s and my initials.  These challenges are once a week and we will be using a variety of different games and styles of challenges.  Each weekly challenge is part of a bigger month long challenge where at the end of it, the loser will have to perform said challenge for our Eyes.

Weekly challenges can range from straight up versus matches, co-op challenges, time trials, speed runs, “horse” style challenges, and whatever else we can come up with.  We are also curious to see what our Eyes would like to see us do so please feel free to leave comments about ideas.  The monthly challenges will be decided by the weekly challenges and if necessary, tie breakers to determine what the loser will have to perform.  Again, feel free to leave ideas of monthly challenges for us to perform as well (we’ll do just about anything lol.)

The aim of this is to diversify our content more and give you guys a different side of The Shadow Legion to see.  It allows us more face time and more interaction with the people we are aiming to please the most, our Eyes.  Below you can find each of our challenges, click to watch the individual stages of the challenges.  Most of them are 4 part series with the challenge carried out at the beginning of the next month.  So don’t hesitate to watch, comment, and laugh at us as we battle to see who will have to make themselves look like an idiot, hopefully :), in front of the camera.


Chubby Bunny Challenge – Loser has to say chubby bunny, add a marshmallow to their mouth, and continue this pattern until “Chubby Bunny” can no longer be understood!!

Oreo Challenge – Loser has to stick an oreo to their forehead and eat it without using their hands!!

Pickle Challenge – Loser has to eat a jar of pickles and drink the pickle juice (not necessarily in that order, just has to be done)!!

Eat It/Wear It Challenge – Loser has 10 items (chosen at random by opponent) and must chose to eat or wear it (before item chosen).  They have to do 5 of each!!

No Thumbs Challenge – Loser has to play a duel match in For Honor without using their thumbs!

Step On A Lego Challenge – Loser has to take that dreadful plunge and walk across some Legos.

Condom Challenge – Loser gets a condom that’s filled with water dropped on their head.

Whipped Cream Pie Challenge – Loser will get some whipped cream pies to the face.

One Bite Challenge – Loser has a few food items they must try to eat in only one bite.



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Keep your eyes open O.O!!



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