Hey Eyes, this is Jeremy from The Shadow Legion and this was my first game behind the controls.

The Swapper was our first puzzle game.  Playing with a gun that allows you to create up to four clones, and swap between those clones to solve puzzles and to complete the game was both challenging and entertaining.

Stranded on an abandoned space station, Theseus, around an uninhabited planet, Chori V; we learn that the researchers aboard this ship had made some interesting discoveries on the planet, intelligent rocks.  The rock’s intelligence led these researchers to create “The Swapper,” a device that allows the user to create clones of one’s self and to swap into that clone.  Once we obtained “The Swapper,” we used it to solve puzzles to open further passages throughout the ship in hopes of finding an escape.  These rocks were nicknamed “Watchers” by researchers and they found one that looked like a human face that seemed to be the leader of it all.

As we use “The Swapper” to progress through the game, we not only try to find a way off the station, but try to figure out what happened to the crew as well.  It seems the “watchers” were much more dangerous than thought as it seems they have something to do with what happened with the crew.  However, in order to escape, we solve more puzzles that get more and more complex as you go.  The lights make it challenging, no clone in blue, no swap in red, can’t do anything with purple; and then they start switching up the gravity as well.  Even with four clones to help, there were some definite struggle bus moments before we made it through.

Overall, The Swapper was an extremely fun game.  With challenging puzzles and interesting storyline, it was a game that brought us a lot of enjoyment.  There were definite times of struggle bussing but, as with most puzzles, once you figure it out you gotta ask how you didn’t see it sooner.  Very good game and was a great choice for our second series.

If you enjoy puzzle games, I would highly recommend this one.  Very good balance of challenge and uniqueness in each puzzle.  While it was quite frustrating at times, it can be done…and if you ever need to lift your spirits, watching a clone crumple from a high landing usually does the trick.  We want to thank everybody who watched the series, considering it was one of our shorter ones, and hope you continue to watch all our other stuff as well.


Keep your eyes open! O.O




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