Hello Eyes, it’s Jeff from The Shadow Legion, playing my second game!

It’s kind of funny how I go from playing one of our longest series, to one of our shortest. That being said, it is one of my favorite ones.

In this wonderfully done puzzle/shooter game, The Fall, we take control of A.R.I.D. An AI controlled suit that must protect the unconscious pilot that is within her suit. After we crash land in an unknown place, with an unknown mission, A.R.I.D. becomes activated to preserve the life of her pilot, Colonel Josephs. In order to do so, she must get him immediate medical aide. The only place to find that is inside the closest facility. However, in our way of finding the medical aide needed, there is a maintenance bot who insists that we are faulty, and the facility Administrator who will not give us access to the medical labs. Now on to the bulk of the story, our domestication!!

Since we are deemed faulty, the maintenance bot insists that we go through the process of domestication. The Administrator believes that this is the best way for us to achieve our goals. So he puts us through the 8 tests that all bots who are domestic bots must pass in order to be deemed in proper working order. The challenges arise in that we are a very advanced combat AI and this domestication stuff is not exactly what we’re programmed to do. Also, the facility is practically falling down around us and none of these tasks have been performed in quite awhile, so things don’t quite work the proper way. Enter puzzles!! We must find “alternative” ways to “adapt” to the given situation in order to complete the tasks and earn our Merit points so that we can gain access to the medical area and save Josephs!

After some frustration, struggle busing, some sadness, and some much needed satisfaction of anger release, we reached the surprise ending to this great game. I really enjoyed playing it. The puzzles were challenging and fun, the story line was pretty phenomenal, and then it all just ends! Darn cliffhangers. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to wait for The Fall part 2 to come out and figure out the rest of the story. I highly recommend this game for anyone just looking for a good gaming experience. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Keep your Eyes open! O.O


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