Hi there Eyes, it’s Jeff from The Shadow Legion playing my first game.

The Evil Within is the second game we played in our first annual Month of Shadows. It is of course a horror game, and it definitely lived up to the genre. In this game, we take control of Detective Sebastian “Seb” Castillanos, or Detective as some of our crew called him (Tyler is bad at pronunciation of complicated names), and have to figure out a way through a very complicated Asylum, that also seems to reshape the world around it in quite a horrid image. We have a few friends to help us along the way, our partner Joseph, our rookie Kidman, a disturbed doctor, and a patient who seems to be the center of all of it named Leslie (who is a guy despite all our constantly referring to him as a girl). We must work our way through this dangerous and scary new world, and find the central figure who has caused all of this, a man named Ruvik.

Overall, the gameplay was very good, and had a hell of a story line. It was quite challenging, and there was a fair bit of struggle busing along the way (I may have killed myself with my own trap). Of course that’s to be expected when you are given very minimal ammo and have to fight a boss battle every damn level. Sometimes multiple per level, such as Ruvik’s weird spider-like sister, or his creepy dog, and just for fun chainsaw wielding wackos. Or how about the creepy, crawly, invisible octopus thing? WTF? How do these things come into existense? Thanks Ruvik.

Anyways, I digress, despite the struggling the story progressed rather well even though it is one of our longest running series. I really enjoyed the way the mystery was unraveled, and although I did a fair amount of complaining along the way, the challenging playstyle was very enjoyable. The only complaint I would have for this game was about the ending not really explaining too much, but overall this was a very fun game and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun, challenging, quite terrifying game experience.

Keep your Eyes open O.O



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