Hey Eyes,

Wow! MoSII! 2 great years of MoS!

It is always exciting, but mostly anxiety driven, that we get to play some horror games for you and let you watch us get scared and freaked out. This year we added the fact that you can actually watch our reactions to these games for added hilarity. With that said, I really feel like Soma was kind of a failure in the scare factor. It was definitely suspenseful and had a couple of scary things that happened to me, but overall it feels like it was lacking being worthy of a “horror” game. It really did feel more suspenseful than scary a majority of the time, with maybe two jump scares over all (I may have jumped more than that, but I am a scaredy cat). Overall, I was really expecting a lot of this game and hoping for some great horror for all of you to enjoy my “manly” screams. I feel like it didn’t deliver and I completely avoided watching Markiplier and all the other Youtubers play this game so I could go in blind… and scared. Had I known it was as slow as it was I would have chosen differently.

With the negatives of the game outta the way, I must say, the game did have a really solid story and the end really made you think and ponder on if you should have changed a couple of your decisions along the way. Anyways hopefully next MoS will be even more frightening for me and you all enjoy it!

Keep your eyes open! O.O



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