Hey Eyes, Jeremy from The Shadow Legion is behind the controls of our fifth “Month of Shadows” horror game!!

Slender:  The Arrival is the story of Lauren, looking for her friend Kate, who has been taken by the Slender Man.  We arrive at the end of a long driveway after a tree has crashed in front of our car and we head through the woods to Kate’s house.  Armed with only a camera once again (typical theme in horror apparently lol), we arrive at the house to find it completely open and empty.  Searching through the house, we find a key to Kate’s room, where we find drawings of the Slender Man and a radio tower.  A blood chilling scream pierces the air from the back gate of the house, we grab a flashlight and head out into the night.

We progress through several chapters that all point us to Kate’s disappearance (and capture by Slender Man) as he continues to pursue us himself.  We head towards the radio tower from Kate’s drawings in hopes she may be there.  On our trip we find several tapes that playback not only Kate’s capture, but an investigation by her friend CR (found through the collectibles) as well.  We learn of Charlie Matheson Jr. whos been missing (also taken by Slender Man).  As we reach the radio tower only to find a body, a camera, and a note that says “I failed you.”  We wake up in the basement of a burnt house, discover our friend and the game ends seeing nothing but legs/feet being slowly dragged away.

This horror game centers highly around jump scares as Slender Man can (and does) appear at pretty much anytime and any place.  He does this all while you have to accomplish investigating areas and trying to escape areas.  He becomes a real pain in the ass lol.

This game is definitely one that keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense because of the fact Slender Man’s arrival is absolutely random.  You feel like you’ve got something figured our and then he appears and you’re whole plan has to change.  I recommend this game for a quick horror fix (since it is a short game) and there are still some levels and story we missed in our quick play through.  However, was a great game to finish our the 2nd annual “Month of Shadows!.”

Keep your eyes open O.O!



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