Hey Eyes,

Tyler here! Playing Shovel knight was a ton of fun for me to play! I am a huge retro sidescroller fan though so if you are not, then take what I say with a grain of salt πŸ˜‰

The first thing about this game that was super fun for having “silly” characters/knights. I mean who fights with a shovel! Shovel knight that’s who, and he was pretty bad-ass to play as. The gameplay was smooth and very fun for me. I love games with hidden gems (haha pun intended). The comic relief between either Shovel knight himself or the other evil knights was very hilarious and of course us as the shadow legion getting to do more voices made it a lot of fun for us to do.

The one con about this game, is that I was super excited that we might be able to use it in a Co-op mode later on down the line, but on the PS4 version of the game, there is no co-op πŸ™ Even so it was still a really great game, with a great story, and fun characters. Definitely worth a play through!

Keep your eyes open! O.O


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