What’s up Eyes, it’s Jeremy of The Shadow Legion here to tell you about my latest game, Shadow of the Beast!!

This is yet another reboot (apparently my style) of a 1989 game.  In this game, we take control of the demon warrior Aarbron.  The game starts with Aarbron tracking down a human baby for his evil master Maletoth.  When Aarbron kills the baby’s guardian, however, he is rushed with memories of himself as a human baby, realizing it was his father he just killed.  As these memories come rushing back, Aarbron turns on his master.  A chase ensues as the demon tries to return the baby to Maletoth and we aim to stop him.  While we don’t get to him in time to grab the baby, we do get him to give up Maletoth before he succumbs to his injuries.  As we continue our search for Meltoth, he decides to take back the souls/power he gave us that turned us into this monstrosity.  As we are dragged to the Graveyard of the Fallen, we gain new souls from those we defeated and with our new power, track down and finish Maletoth.

We also play the 1989 version of Shadow of the Beast, but this was much more frustrating.  Similar story of seeking revenge, we must face demons and giants in order to free ourselves.

I enjoyed this game quite a bit, while the combat could be quite frustrating at times (getting hit in the back while performing a kill animation on another enemy sucks), but it was a lot of fun.  The scoring system was somewhat confusing, and a lot was missed with having to score a certain amount in specific fights was required to unlock all combat opportunities, but the combat that we were involved in was good.  Different enemies required different strategies, but with enough time/patience you could very easily master combat and earn everything you needed.  The 1989 version was much more frustrating as you were only allowed 12 health to defeat the entire game, and the only checkpoints were if you entered a new level.  Gamers better than I would have tried the classic repeat until you get the pattern down to beat the game, instead to save my frustration and keep from rage quitting, simply turned on the invincibility which allowed us to beat the game lol.

Overall, the violence and blood are always a plus in my book.  Getting back to the side scrolling action is always fun and reminds me a lot of gaming growing up.  This reboot of a cult classic was just the fix I needed for quick violence and gore.  Definitely a game I’d recommend if your looking to just go wreak some havoc!!


Keep your eyes open O.O!!


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