Hey Eyes,

What can I say about Mega-Man?! I mean it really was a great game that I played quite often growing up, or at least tried to play. I did always find that game super difficult when playing on the NES, but I also wasn’t aware of trying different tactics to make it further into that game. After years of a hiatus from Mega-Man, I finally saw the Mega-Man legacy collection and just knew, I had to have it.

Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia! That’s pretty much how I feel about this series, such a great game with so much history. I had beaten the first 2 of the Mega-Man series about a year ago and had only ever made it to the “Old” bosses in Mega-Man 3 before. After getting to play this for all of you guys I can finally say that I’ve beaten 3!! Overall if you enjoy these types of games or have a hankerin for some old-school cool, then play some Mega-Man and feel all warm and gooey inside… or cold and heartless if you feel like a robot 😉

Keep your eyes open! O.O



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