Hi there Eyes, it’s Jeff from The Shadow Legion playing another horror game for the Month of Shadows!

Layers of Fear takes us into the mind of a very troubled artist. An artist who is trying to complete his masterpiece. However, he needs to find just the right tool in his house to paint with. Why not a brush and paint? Cause that would be far too simple, and make for a pretty boring story (Or quite hilarious if we had to actually draw something because I’m not even close to an artist). So he must search his house for the right thing. That’s where things get turned upside down, sideways, and any other way you can think. Because this house is crazy!! You can go through one door, then go back through the same room and be somewhere completely new! Then you add in some weird ghost chasing you (presumably your deceased wife) who likes to move things, change the scenery, or just drop in on you when you’re in the elevator (super terrifying part). Floating baby doll heads, things randomly bursting into flames, pictures changing into eyes and following you, huge paintings just appearing on the other side of the door you just opened, and much more things wait in store for you in every nook and cranny as you explore this house in pursuit of the perfect painting.

Also, I played the DLC Inheritance. In this portion of the game, you are the daughter of the painter returning to get some answers about her childhood. She runs into many of the same weird things and has to revisit several memories of her father. While in these memories, you have the choice of obeying your father to “follow in his footsteps” so to speak. Or be a child and do things your own way, much to his dismay. Many of the same strange things happen to you in this adventure through the house to gather all your memories.

For a simple concept, this game was actually very good. And quite frightening. This game is also one of those games where the decisions you make affect your outcome. Both the main story and the DLC have 3 possible endings based on your actions. However, this game doesn’t really tell you which decisions those are, and which one’s are crucial or not. It could be as simple as choosing one certain door over another. The DLC is a little more clear cut based on how you behave in your memories, but its always fun to play these types of games to try and get different endings. It gives you a reason for multiple playthroughs, and gives you a chance to play the same game in different ways. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good horror game.

Keep your Eyes open O.O



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