Hey Eyes, this page is all about me, Jeremy!!

So I’ve been playing video games since I was a little kid, mostly console games but some PC here and there and I’m trying to get back into the PC gaming as well.  I do not have a preference between Xbox and PlayStation consoles, I actually own consoles from each brand.  I kinda fell off of Nintendo consoles after the N64 (which I still have), but I did play some games on the GameCube and I have played on the Wii (Super Smash Bros!!!!!).  I also play a multitude of genres of games as there’s not much I don’t like.  In fact, the list of games I don’t play, is a lot shorter because it’s mostly sports (although I have played more since the creation of Superstar/My Player modes), and racing games.  My all time favorite game, however, has to be the Mass Effect Trilogy…and I say it like that because there are certain things I like/dislike about each of those three, and it’s all one story so I won’t split it into individual games.

I helped start The Shadow Legion with my brother Jeff and long time friend Tyler in 2015, but it’s something that Jeff and I had been discussing since we were in college.  We would spend a lot of nights staying up late talking about how cool it would be to have our own company involved in the gaming community and what our dreams and ideas were for said company.  Tyler had been involved with multiple of those conversations, but none more seriously than the year we started.  It was actually Tyler who gave us the idea to start on YouTube and we have been going ever since, but we do have dreams to do more than just Let’s Play type videos.  We eventually hope to turn this into a production company and put out games of our own.

Other notes about me, I am actually a veterinary assistant in my other job.  In addition to gaming, I enjoy movies, reading, writing, hunting, hiking, and am a big fan of just hanging out with friends and shootin’ the shit.  Gaming has been a passion for a long time and I’m here trying to make it a career, but I know that doesn’t happen without the fans!!  So I also want to be sure to thank all of our Eyes for watching and supporting us.  Please continue to do so as we move into the future and hopefully provide quality entertainment for all of you.

One more time, thanks Eyes!!

Keep your eyes open O.O!!


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