Hey Eyes, it’s Jeff from The Shadow Legion playing another new installment of an established saga.

Gears of War 4 is the newest installment of the highly successful franchise. Why do I keep playing all these new games in old sagas? Because they are amazing! That’s why. Gears 4 takes place in years later than the original story. You get to take on the roll of JD Fenix, Marcus’ son. The locust are gone, but that doesn’t mean that humanity is at peace. The COG is still not for everyone. Those who aren’t part of it are Outsiders. These two groups have a lot of tension between them. This is where we find JD. Recently leaving the COG and going Outsider, and stealing supplies from the COG. However, we soon discover that much more than supplies is being taken from the COG. They are losing people. Soon, our establishment is also hit and everyone except JD, his girlfriend Kait, and their friend Del (who left the COG with JD). The only clue to the culprits is a crystal. They can only take it to one person who can help. Enter Marcus Fenix. Then we all set off to figure out what is going on, find the missing colonist, and discover that the Locust are not as gone as everyone has thought. Them plus some new bad guys give the old familiar Gears style of fighting a brand new twist. Add a few new weapons into the mix, and you got yourself a great game.

Gameplay was very similar to the previous games. However, like stated above, new weapons, new enemies, and a new dope ass execution maneuver, changed some things up. The first three games was mostly 2 or 4 people fighting at the same time. This one gives you mostly three people at a time. And there are a few different machines we get to use, including giant ass robots to do battle in! Being that this one came out well after the assumed end of the franchise, I was a bit worried about the storyline. But this was a great story! The game was really interesting, in depth, and was fun. New characters, new bad guys, and returning favorites makes this a great new start to the next Gears of War story!

The fights were challenging, especially when it came to snatchers, carriers, and swarmacks. Really liked the new execution that they added. So much fun! Glad to see Marcus come back, he was always my favorite. Seeing Baird and Cole again was also nice. Gears is one of those games that no matter how long you go without playing, you can pick it up again in a snap. And this one was no different. Love the violence, can’t get enough of chainsawing through an enemy. This was a great game, and if you like Gears, this is definitely a great one to pick up and play.

Keep your Eyes open O.O



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