Hey Eyes it’s Tyler from the Shadow Legion.

Wanted to use this page to talk about Dying Light, give my opinion and recommendation on it.

First off I’d like to thank all of you who watched the entire series! I know it was on the longer side (giggity). Dick jokes aside, this was an awesome game. I really did love the feel of the game and really don’t have any hate for it, does it have few bugs in it, yes it is an open world game and what open world game doesn’t have its fair share of bugs in it. That being said though it was a great story from the tragedy to the action and the sprinkles of humor. Dying Light really is one big sundae of awesomeness and I do highly recommend it to anyone out there. Stay tuned for “The Following” DLC that just recently came out! We here at the ShadowLegion definitely plan on playing through that as well to give you some more zambie action and more laughs!

Keep your eyes open! O.O




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