Hey Eyes, it’s Jeremy from The Shadow Legion behind the controls of another reboot of this classic horror/shooter game!!

DOOM is technically the fourth installment of the series, but this one was seen as a reboot of the original Doom series.  It has everything the classic Doom games have, very fast paced action, lots of weapons, lots of demons, and lots and lots of blood!!

We take control of the Doom Slayer who was brought to Mars in a sarcophagus from an expedition led by Samuel Hayden.  Hayden leads the Mars research facility trying to draw energy from Hell to solve an energy crisis on Earth, not ignoring the fact that Hayden is a mind inhabiting an android’s body since he lost his to brain cancer.  Using the Argent Tower to siphon the energy from Hell to Mars also allows travel to Hell allowing Hayden to recover such artifacts and to capture demons.

A scientist at the facility, Olivia Pierce, makes a pact with these demons and opens the portal allowing the demons to invade Mars.  In a desperate attempt to repel the invasion and close the portal, Hayden releases the Doom Slayer from his sarcophagus (imprisoned there after his rampage through hell) which is where our game begins.  We fight our way through the facility and make several trips of our own into Hell, until we find “The Crucible.”  It’s a magical blade in Hell that we use to close the portal and defeat the Spider Mastermind (after Olivia Pierce transforms into said creature.)  We return to Mars after our victory only for Hayden to confiscate “The Crucible” from us.  With it in hand, he plans to use it in his research (there is an energy crisis on Earth still) and to keep us from interfering, he teleports us to an undisclosed location saying “we will meet again.”

Overall, really enjoyed this game.  It’s a fun reboot of the original, and the game really returned to its roots.  If you enjoy running and gunning, this is definitely a game for you.  Challenging and a decent story line, and it’s always satisfying to get a “glory, gory kill!!”  Highly recommend this game to anybody and every body!!


Keep your eyes open O.O!


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