What’s up Eyes?!  This is Jeremy of the Shadow Legion here once again behind the controls of not one, but two games.  This was our first venture into PC gaming and using the Steam Link to film!  I must say, I feel it was a fantastic transition and was a great addition to our arsenal :).

Dead Effect is basically zombies in space, and they didn’t take any shortcuts.  We wake up to find ourselves in a spaceship and something has obviously gone wrong.  A voice over the intercom helps us find our way into the ship only to find it infested with the walking dead!!  Equipped with a pistol and an assault rifle, we must fight through the undead hordes to accomplish various tasks throughout the ship.  All the while, the mysterious Dr. Wagner aids us as he tries to cure the infection inside of us.  Turns out, he’s actually the evil asshole behind this whole disaster, and we’re one of his clone experiments (dick move right?).  It obviously ends with a final showdown of us against Dr. Wagner to stop his madness once and for all.

Dead Effect 2 picks up after the first one (obviously) and now we have new mysterious helpers.  We meet Danette first, who sends us after Minikin, and then we get Dr. Bielik to complete our ensemble of allies.  Once again, it’s more zombies in space, only this time, they added soldiers who can shoot guns at us to the mix, fucking assholes.  Anyways, the soldiers are after us because we’re one of Wagner’s experiments and they’re the cleanup crew (basically) and we obviously don’t want to die.  Our trio of allies have us once again complete tasks throughout the ship that allow us to remain hidden and fight back against the soldiers.  But, as it turns out, one of our trio is not quite as noble as they seem (what a fucking surprise).  Dr. Bielik turns on us in this one (former student of Wagner’s and we didn’t see this coming, lol).  After besting Bielik’s super-soldier, the game comes to an abrupt end and obviously leaves it open for a third installment.

Overall, I thought both games were very good!  The Dead Effect series was a good choice for moving into the PC realm of our channel.  Zombie shooters are usually fun games and this one didn’t fall short of that.  Put that into a space ship and you’ve got yourself in a classic FPS with a lot of heads to splatter.

I would recommend both of these games for anyone looking for a fun and straightforward FPS.  It’s a game that I think has a high replay ability with different difficulties and weapons to choose from, you can help create a new experience every time you play through it.  It also has New Game + feature which is always fun to go back and really wreak havoc after beating the game.  Was truly a fun game and I look forward to Dead Effect 3 whenever it comes out.

Keep your eyes open O.O!


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