Hey Eyes,

Child of Light! Loved this game!!! I am a super huge RPG nerd though so that might be why I do love this game… Any who, totally should play this game if you do like turn based RPG’s with a twist, being able to slow the enemy without a spell, but instead using a firefly’s ignited rear to slow enemies. Yes, rear ignited he can also open chests and pick up items for you that are around the screen if you cannot reach the area yourself. The story is kind of obvious from what happens at the start of the game, but hey who doesn’t love knowing what a game is going to throw at you, I mean this game is totally a fairy tale type game. Again I really did enjoy playing the shit outta this game, it really helped that I had two friends next to me helping voice all the characters in the game. If you wanna make a fairy tale story into a game I would say this is the perfect recipe.

Keep your eyes open O.O



P.S. When watching the videos cover your ears when Aurora is about to speak XD


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