Hey Eyes, it’s Jeremy from the Shadow Legion and this is our first series with a special guest star.  That guest star is the Mile High Cowboy, and he’s playing Call of Duty:  Black Ops 3.

Call of Duty:  Black Ops 3 takes place in 2065 and military technology has progressed to the point where robotics play a major role in combat.  We are the Player, and along with our partner Hendricks, we are hunting down a rogue team of cybernetically enhanced soldiers led by Commander John Taylor.  We get cybernetically enhanced ourselves after a mishap, and get put under the commander of CIA Agent Rachel Kane.  Throughout the course of investigating a CIA black site, we figure out Taylor is looking for survivors of a Singapore explosion ten years ago.

Almost catching Taylor in Egypt, we find that Taylor and his team are infected by a gestalt intelligence (like a computer virus, stupid robotics) named Corvus that was inadvertently created during secret CIA experiments that resulted in the explosion in Singapore.  Corvus’ influence is what turned Taylor and his team mad, and now both Hendricks and we are infected.  With it being only a matter of time before we fall under its control, we must find a way to stop Corvus.  With twists and turns, and of course a crap ton of people to shoot, we unfold the story of Corvus and its influences and must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure Corvus is done for good.

Overall, I think we all felt it was a pretty good game.  As with most Call of Duty games, lots and lots of enemies to fight as you go.  This one had the added benefit of a lot of robots to fight, but we got to use some robotics of our own to aid us.  Good game, definitely worth at least a playthrough…and as always, you could get in quality zambie killing!!


Keep your eyes open!  O.O



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